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Reimagining Syrian Ceramics

Solo Exhibition, Rowe Galleries, December 2022

The Erasure series consists of functional and decorative ceramic pieces that are aesthetically inspired by Syrian ceramic wares. I researched the rich history of Syrian ceramics and excavated styles and forms from a country that has been desecrated by war for the past decade. The surface decoration is derived from the vegetal patterns and floral motifs commonly found on Syrian ceramics from around 600-1900. I have altered the surface designs in different ways to bring attention to the erasure of arts and culture that the Syrian civil war has caused. I chose a variety of methods to alter the works, including carving through finished designs, sanding, and inversing the color palette. I wanted to bring back the beauty of Syrian ceramics while also not quite giving my audience the full picture, seeing as how we will never get that full picture back.

For this show I partnered with an organization operating in Syria called the Al-Ansar Charity ( All pieces in the show were for sale, and 100% of the proceeds were sent to this charity. This organization creates meal kit boxes that give a family enough food for around ten days. They also work with orphans and have currently run three orphanages. The goal of this endeavor was twofold: to hold a fundraiser that directly helped the crisis still taking over Syria; and to educate myself and others on the rich history of ceramics in a country where art has not had the chance to flourish as it deserves.

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