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Artist Statement

My current body of work, Delirium, is focused on the mind-body connection, in which the body internalizes and remembers events, emotions, and traumas that the mind tries to forget. The sculptures I create are organic and abstract forms, some of which have figurative elements. I use dense surface carvings and color to create an intense visual field that draws in and captivates the viewer. My concept explores the disconnection, or rather, the two-part system of the mind and body in which the physical body and the mind are unable to understand one another. This idea is encompassed by dysautonomia; where mental disruption manifests itself into the autonomic nervous system. This disconnection disrupts one’s perception of reality. I am interested in installations that explore this imbalance and confusion in the body, inviting viewers to explore their own perceptions of this phenomenon.  I create my sculptures intuitively, allowing room for transformation as I build. I am drawn to the materiality of clay, and find that clay remembers just as the body remembers. My aim is to use dissonant color to invite the viewer into a prolonged interaction with the space, while the excavated and scarred pattern relates back to the incessant need to understand one's internal self.

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